Varied web-based training development for CERTQUA

Varied web-based training development for CERTQUA

Exciting web-based training for CERTQUA

Can you make knowledge transfer about work processes and the contents of legal regulations varied and interesting? A fundamental question, to which there is no universal answer. But there are a number of building blocks to fall back on. And this is exactly what DEKRA Media did when CERTQUA GmbH, one of Germany's leading certification organisations specialising in the labour market, education and services, asked whether it would be possible to transform a one-day, face-to-face training course into a web-based training course (WBT).

“As interesting as possible!”

 "The AZAV/[Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung] (Accreditation and Licensing Ordinance on Employment Promotion) is the basis for the approval of measures, so it is a very important topic for our customers. But let’s not fool ourselves: as a legal ordinance, the nature of it makes it a dry set of rules with little potential for enthusiasm. That is why my task for DEKRA Media was: create the web-based training programme in whatever way seems right to you, but try to make it as interesting and varied as possible through a clever mix of methods," says Andreas Orru, Managing Director of CERTQUA, describing the initial situation.

Varied and interactive

The result was a modular web-based training programme, in which convincing presentations, a range of explanatory film styles, interactive exercises and knowledge tests alternate in each chapter. In addition, DEKRA Media produced expert interviews in its in-house film studio and also shot scenic clips for each chapter. An extensive, musical glossary ensures that no questions remain unanswered – at least for the participants.

But how exactly did the close collaboration with the customer work? What makes an efficient production process? And what does memory have to do with all this? You can find out this and more in our customer story.

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