"Driver instruction car for electric vehicles" available in English

"Driver instruction car for electric vehicles" available in English

With the additional module “Handling electric vehicles”, DEKRA Safety Web has further expanded its repertoire of multilingual online instructions. This means that non-German-speaking employees who use an electric car as a company car can now also be made aware of how to use the vehicle safely. Those interested can add the additional module free of charge to their online training course “General driver instruction for passenger cars”. This instruction is also available in English. You can find out more about the additional module on the DEKRA Safety Web website.

DEKRA Safety Web offers a number of multilingual instructions. The instruction topics “General occupational safety” or “Display screen workstation” are also available in English, for example. Some topics are even available in French, Polish or Czech. For example, DEKRA Safety Web also offers classic driver topics such as “General Driver Instruction for Trucks” or the dangerous goods modules Basis and ADR in Polish.

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