Our IT solutions
The right technology for your digital learning content!

You want to train your employees with WBTs, but have no learning management system? In this case, we will host your learning modules! Our systems provide maximum stability and usability. Additionally, you can benefit from our many years of experience in the development of our own eLearning platforms and knowledge management systems.


In order for your employees to be able to use our WBTs you need a learning management system (LMS). But what if you haven’t got one? No problem!

We host the WBTs we developed for you on our LMS, which we gladly customize for you.

Video-based knowledge portals

Digital learning without moving images? Hard to imagine! Our digital learning solutions are adapted in line with the current viewing and user habits. We use our own tools or proven solutions from our partners to design open or closed video-based learning and knowledge portals on your behalf.

Work-based learning with DEKRA Tag.it

Do you want your learning content to be available exactly where it is required?

Then take a closer look at our beacon and QR code management system DEKRA Tag.it. It allows your employees to access videos, images or text files directly on location.

Efficient exam preparation with DEKRA Memorate

Our digital learning card index DEKRA Memorate assists you with your exam preparation. Thanks to different learning methods and integrated educational films, learning never gets boring with DEKRA Memorate.

The learning content from our electronic flashcards DEKRA Memorate can be conveniently managed on your PC, your smartphone or your tablet.

Your benefits

vielfältige formate
Diverse technologies
New learning formats need innovative technologies, so that you can bring your digital content to your target audience in a cost-effective and efficient way. We have the corresponding products and IT solutions that you need to build virtual learning, communication and information worlds within your company.
Everything from one source
We design and produce your learning technologies in house. It means that we can guarantee that everything runs smoothly in producing your product. Our IT experts attach a lot of importance to maximum user-friendliness and fast implementation processes.
Journalistische Qualität
Secure data (penetration testing)
Your data security is extremely important to us! As such, we regularly subject our systems to audits and penetration testing. We really value objectivity! That is why we undergo regular inspections by external IT service providers to ensure that our security measures are effective.
Schnelle Prozesse
The latest technology, always
It doesn’t matter if you opt for a standard solution from our varied set of modules or prefer individual programming: our software always meets the latest technological standards. Our front-end and back-end developers are constantly on the lookout for exciting technologies and keep abreast of the latest digital trends.

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