New explainer video from DEKRA Media: Planned skin protection

Short, catchy and always available: Explainer videos impart information in an entertaining and succinct way. For instance, when you need to present the advantages of a professionally prepared skin protection programme.

Screenshot: DEKRA explainer video "Planned skin protection", © DEKRA Media GmbHFor the Peter Greven Physioderm (PGP) company we represented the gestation process of a skin protection plan using the compact format of icon-based technology. Now potential PGP clients can find out in little more than two minutes why they need an individual skin protection plan, how the plan will proceed, and what role the company’s long years of expertise and high quality high protection products will play in this.

We followed our proven production process when we were making this explainer video: Following a briefing with the client, we composed a story board with voice over and decided on the final arrangement of the film in collaboration with PGP. The film and sound track was then produced and can now be viewed on

Aside from the core topic of occupational safety, DEKRA Media, a subsidiary of the DEKRA Akademie GmbH, covers all thematically important possible applications for explainer videos: from product marketing and strategic company communication through internal employee retention to a wide range of instructional topics. In the future, clients will be able to select from a range of different languages, as well as different applications: icon-based films with reduced animation, elaborately hand-drawn 2-D films, cutout films with human gestures and selected image elements, as well as real films. “In each individual case, a joint decision has to be made about which format best fits the topic in question and the target group. We provide the right product for almost every budget,” says managing director Wolfgang Reichelt.

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