Cooking on the Road: Germany's First Cookbook for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

Rest areas and truck stops don't always make it easy for long-haul truck drivers to maintain a balanced diet. If they eat veggie patties with salad on too many occasions rather than schnitzel and fries, they will quickly exceed the limits of their company expense account. Alternatively, they could cook for themselves. But how do you do that when you're on the road, under deadline pressure and don't have a swanky built-in kitchen on board? Germany's first cookbook for long-haul truck drivers has all the answers.

DEKRA Truck Drivers Cookbook ,© DEKRA Media GmbHCooking on the road has a specific set of rules. The most important rule is to cook fast but enjoy your meal in peace. After all, a truck stop is often only 45 minutes long. After that, your tight timetable will have you on the move again. To enable you to prepare a meal in these conditions, everything should be pre-chopped and pre-cooked, and you need to have the right equipment. You also need the right recipes that will allow you to rustle up something delicious even on a small gas cooker. Without the right tips and tricks, the initial hurdles to cooking in your truck seem incredibly high. Even though you will be rewarded with a delicious meal, more money in your own pocket and a healthy diet.

This is reason enough for Reinhard "Buchsi" Buchsdrücker to not only provide tips on load securing and accident prevention in his training sessions but also to cook with the drivers. Formerly a chef and currently an instructor and driving safety trainer at the DEKRA Academy, he is well aware of the problems and requirements of the drivers: "Being in good physical condition helps you to avoid accidents. If you don't cook for yourself, you have virtually no hope of maintaining a balanced diet on the road. That is unless you have a cash cow sitting in the trailer."

Jan Bergrath, author, journalist, photographer and also formerly a long-haul truck driver himself, is also familiar with this problem. It was his idea to garnish Buchsdrücker's recipes with tips and comments and to serve up recipes with crispy and crunchy ingredients. This culminated in Germany's first cookbook for long-haul truck drivers, which is soon to be published by DEKRA Media Verlag – pleasant, practical and good. This is what the real stars of the book stand for: the drivers themselves who chopped, stirred, fried, dined and chatted with the author, turning the work into a book by drivers for drivers. And also of course for anyone else who wants to cook cheap and tasty meals on the road.   

"Sternköche – Preiswerte und gesunde Rezepte für Lkw-Fahrer" (Star Chefs – Cheap and Healthy Recipes for Truck Drivers) is out on September 25, 2015. Visitors to NUFAM in Karlsruhe will be able to attend the official book launch live on the second day of the trade fair. Starting at noon, Reinhard Buchsdrücker will be cooking a simple dish made with pasta, vegetables and chicken live from the Mercedes-Benz stand – an ideal meal for drivers to prepare in their trucks.

Further information:

Title: Sternköche – Preiswerte und gesunde Rezepte für Lkw-Fahrer
DEKRA Media,
ISBN: 978-3-939911-09-8 
Volume: 176 pages, color, with numerous photos
Format and layout: 17 x 24 cm, paperback
Gross retail price (Germany): €12.80
Date of publication: available from booksellers and the publisher from September 25, 2015

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