New portal for DEKRA explainer videos: Play it again, Sam!

Catchy, short and always at your fingertips: Explainer videos are now an indispensable product marketing tool for many enterprises. However, the benefits of this format also make it worthwhile or other applications – such as occupational safety, for instance. DEKRA, which has set its sights on exploiting this potential, has now introduced its own internet portal for explainer videos.

DEKRA Explainer Video, © DEKRA Media GmbHRecently, the German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) proved that videos are a plus for work safety, through a survey of the users of its own media library: 87 percent of the companies surveyed saw a high to very high benefit in the use of occupational safety videos. 95 percent stated that videos were used internally often to very often for initial and continuing training. Clarity and entertainment were mentioned as the primary reasons these films are used. These are advantages that reinforce the concept of the modern explainer video: Through the combination of different types of media and the consistent implementation of the storytelling principle, the content can be transmitted quickly, but with a lasting effect.

“Good storytelling in an enterprise primarily involves packing the message or the learning content into a story where the receiver can recognise his own work reality”, says Wolfgang Reichelt, CEO of DEKRA Media GmbH, who has over 30 years’ experience in media development. “Aside from their lasting effect and their conciseness, explainer videos have another benefit: their constant availability. Being able to refresh your knowledge by dipping in every now and then without having to wait for the next instruction can be a huge benefit for occupational safety. It’s true to the motto: Play it again, Sam!”

Aside from the core topic of occupational safety, DEKRA Media, a subsidiary of the DEKRA Akademie GmbH, covers all thematically important possible applications for explainer videos: from product marketing and strategic company communication through internal employee retention to a wide range of instructional topics. In the future, clients will be able to select from a range of different languages, as well as different applications: icon-based films with reduced animation, elaborately hand-drawn 2-D films, cutout films with human gestures and selected image elements, as well as real films. “In each individual case, a joint decision has to be made about which format best fits the topic in question and the target group. We provide the right product for almost every budget,” says Reichelt.


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