Learning Insights: DEKRA Media publishes its first e-book

DEKRA Media has published an e-book entitled "Neuroscience" to kick off the new e-book series "Learning Insights". This English language work highlights current discoveries from the area of brain research against the background of operational learning. It is aimed at managers, training officers and anyone else who's interested in a practice-orientated introduction to the neurosciences.

Wolfgang Reichelt, manager of DEKRA Media, and the internationally renowned trainer and coach Nigel Pain, in collaboration with technical authors, have created a compact book that explores the link between neurosciences and learning from a variety of perspectives. The readers learn all about the scientific developments that can be utilised for everyday training and how to differentiate between short-lived hype and real research advances. Experts from different branches of science have their say, sometimes literally, with the graphics and descriptive images being complemented by several links to online resources, like videos and TED talks.

This book isn't just about practical knowledge, but it also opens up a way through the jungle of opinions and (online) media that it’s so easy to get lost in. To this end, it contains lists with selected books, blogs and twitter profiles that stimulate the reader to embark on a deeper exploration of the topic.

Learning insights - Neuroscience is the first in a series of e-books on the topic of learning and continuing education. The future books will each appear semi-annually. The next edition (Autumn 2015) will address new learning techniques in the field of workplace safety.

The book is available from Amazon for €4.99.

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