More Comfort and Increased Data Security – Relaunch of DEKRA Safety Web Completed

DEKRA Safety Web enables companies to instruct their employees flexible and cost-effective. The broadly based choice of web-based trainings, which is available via the online platform, ranges from the "General Vehicle Instruction Passenger Car" over "Data Privacy" to "Lifting and Carrying Heavy Loads". In order to increase the comfort and the security of the portal and of the individual modules even further, DEKRA Media have revised the system completely.

Thus, employers are now able to remind participants and administrators via e-mail of unfinished web-based trainings. Also, they are able to filter information about participants by period. For this purpose it doesn't matter whether the heads of department monitor the training progress or the staff department manage all centrally – the manifold options provide the appropriate solution for every business.

In addition, the developers improved the data privacy. In order to continue to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the system by software errors or manipulation attempts, DEKRA Media no longer rely only on the usual methods within the line of business, such as the encryption of data traffic and user data. Instead, the DEKRA IT experts go one step further: They can install the system for each customer separately and are also capable of saving and administrating all related information separate from those of other companies in split databases.

Other new features are a new, fresher design, a clear and more user-friendly menu guidance as well as the now implemented SCORM compatibility of the system. Thereby, entrepreneurs and employees both benefit of the advantages of digital learning media. Independence of space and time, documentation at the touch of a button and no new expensive training dates with on-site attendance due to illness.

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