DEKRA Safety Web: The complete package for fleet manager

Fleet manager need to instruct their employees regularly – but since the drivers are travelling a lot, this could be a difficult undertaking. The online portal DEKRA Safety Web provides a flexible and cost-effective solution. Due to the high demand, DEKRA Media intend to expand the product choice for companies with an own car pool.

Companies have to ensure that their employees are regularly instructed in the proper handling of the work equipment passenger car. They also have to educate them about the associated rights and obligations. The topics of the web based training “General Vehicle Instruction Passenger Car” range from the legal bases and the requirements to be met to load security and prevention of accidents. The modules “Driving Times and Rest Periods”, “Fatigue at the Wheel” and “Load Security” are available as well.

The forthcoming WBT "General Vehicle Instruction Utility Vehicle" according to the requirements of BGV D29/DGUV Regulation 70 informs drivers also about the main aspects of occupational safety. These include the regulations to be followed as well as the construction and operation of the vehicle.
The following modules are also in development:

  • Economical Driving Passenger Car
  • Economical Driving Lorry
  • Driving Safety Passenger Car
  • Driving Safety Lorry
  • Legal Bases Fleet Manager

In addition, further web based trainings such as “Transport of Hazardous Goods for CEP-Drivers” or “Transport of Diagnostic Samples” are part of the existing product portfolio.

DEKRA Safety Web enables employees to complete all web based trainings regardless of time and place. A complete documentation ensures legal certainty. The web based trainings include a diversified media mix, composed of pictures, interactions and films, and are edited target group appropriate.