DEKRA at eQualification 2019

DEKRA presented itself as a partner of four different projects at the eQualification conference which took place under the title “Digitally Combining Learning and Work” on 25 and 26 February in Bonn.

Woman with Tablet (© Antonioguillem, Fotolia)Digitization is transforming the world of work and education. As a result, the demands on employees and their jobs are changing as new business models and markets emerge. Digital learning solutions are of great importance because they can be used in a flexible and location-independent manner. In order to prepare employees for their new tasks, DEKRA is involved in various projects in which the company’s education experts develop innovative training solutions.

In the project “LaSiDig” – digital load safety –, DEKRA experts along with other partners develop an app with short information and practice units on the subject of load safety based on connectivistic learning theory as well as learning analytics approaches. The interactive content promotes the professional competence of professional drivers and warehouse operators in the workplace, for example by using interactive videos and images in the learning process.

The project "MeLoDi" by DEKRA and its partners is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the logistics industry who want to further qualify their employees by means of digital media. To this end, the researchers are building an industry-specific network that can be used by interested companies for finding suitable e-learning solutions.

In the "blink" initiative, DEKRA Media along with other experts have developed a digital flashcard system which apprentices can use for exam preparation. Based on this, Wolfgang Reichelt, Managing Director of DEKRA Media, showed how education providers can design their project results as a marketable product and, in a further step, develop it as a viable business model. In addition to factors such as competitors, target group or price, it is above all the sales model that is decisive for the success of the product.

The transfer network "vierpunkteins" aims at improveing the transfer of knowledge and technology in the field of digital learning. In particular, the initiative aims to promote the use of modern learning technologies in the vocational qualification of workers in the construction sector. Among other things, DEKRA Media advises and supports the project in the production of digital learning media.

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