Intelligent Human Resource Development Solutions: The New DEKRA QuickStart Applicant Management System

Developed by DEKRA Media, the DEKRA QuickStart Applicant Management System (BMS) offers human resource administrators a systematic recruitment workflow. It covers everything from the classified job ad or posting, the interaction with potential candidates within the scope of ActiveSourcing to the planning of post hire continued education and training activities.

Managing applicants is a challenge companies face time and again, regardless of whether they are large enterprises, institutions or private job placement agencies: folders containing the documentation of applicants are stacked up on desks or disappear in other departments, so that even experienced human resource professionals may find it hard to keep track of things. Moreover, as technology has progressed, the patterns and expectations of potential job candidates have changed as well. They prefer simple and user friendly online applications that make it possible for both parties to process the submissions quickly and that guarantee job seekers expeditious response times.

DEKRA QuickStart BMS is an efficient, time saving solution that can be customized to accommodate the respective selection procedures used by businesses and agencies. It allows decision makers in the human resource field to see the strengths of a candidate and the areas that need further development at a glance. The system does distinguish between soft and hard skills on the one hand as well as diplomas and certificates on the other hand.

Thanks to the multi-lingual user interface, foreign applicants will also be able to utilize the system without any problems. Once a potential recruit’s profile is in the system, the profile can also be matched with other vacant positions. The program pre-filters all individuals who do fit pertinent job profiles and using this data as a basis, generates matching proposals for job interviews.

With DEKRA QuickStart BMS, DEKRA Media is launching a software product into the market, which accommodates the demands of job consultants and corporate human resource departments. Thanks to the fact that BMS is client compatible, it also allows companies that operate various branches as well as subsidiaries to keep the administrative overview required for the effective management of the entire organization.

As far as this is concerned, the Applicant Management System covers far more than just the traditional recruitment process. Staff development strategy tools are also included: detailed qualification profiles and a matching function enable human resource administrators to identify any gaps the available candidates are currently not able to close early-on so that these issues can be addressed through targeted training measures once the employee has been hired.

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