Parcel Service GLS Relies on High-quality External Solution for Advanced Training

In collaboration with DEKRA Qualification DEKRA Media have composed a blended learning concept with multimedia-based teaching materials for the advanced training of delivery drivers. The new DEKRA QuickStart LMS is used as a learning management system.

The parcel service GLS aim to increase the qualification level of the delivery drivers who are employed by its transport partners. One the one hand, the measure focuses on the safety of the delivery drivers, on the other hand, it aims to improve their skills in customer contact. Furthermore, there is the wish to sanitise the role model, which is associated with the profession. Therefore, GLS have turned to the two DEKRA companies in March 2013 with a request for a training concept. They have developed a blended learning solution that includes the hard-skill level as well as the soft-skill level. The topics range from load security through driving safety and economic driving to social skills.

In addition to movies, presentations, a manual and a comic DEKRA Media have also created several web based trainings (WBT). The modules are embedded in the DEKRA QuickStart LMS through which the companies, cooperating with GLS, have access to the content and can retrace activities of individual participants.

With the learning management system GLS have a comfortable and flexible learning platform with a clear structure, which can be adapted to the individual needs of companies. It contains all necessary functions to create content, manage courses and groups, and to keep track of the participants' progress. Moreover, there is the possibility to provide media via an app for smartphones and tablets.

In the GLS project the DEKRA QuickStart LMS shows its particular strengths: Since the individual delivery drivers are working for external transport service providers, which are cooperating with GLS, it was necessary to set up participants over multiple levels. Therefore, the LMS was reconfigured by DEKRA Media on a multistage "recursive" sub-client administration. A particular challenge was the consideration of all data protection regulations.

The manager of the GLS Academy Annika Rösler is pleased with the success the collaboration has had so far: “We were looking for a service provider, from which we get everything from one source – from the blended learning concept with face-to-face training through content development to the provision of the learning management system. We are particularly impressed by the flexibility of the QuickStart LMS that DEKRA Media have adapted perfectly to our needs.”

DEKRA QuickStart Learning Management System