New Web Based Trainings on DEKRA Safety Web Available: “Driving Times and Rest Periods” and “Fatigue at the Wheel”

The person behind the wheel is a crucial factor in road accidents – because particularly overtired drivers may cause danger to themselves and others. For this reason DEKRA Media offers now on its web portal DEKRA Safety Web the two new web based trainings “Driving Times and Rest Periods” and “Fatigue at the Wheel”.

If such a large and heavy vehicle as a truck or a bus is involved in an accident, the consequences are often particularly fatal: Especially pedestrians or cyclists rarely survive accidents of this kind unscathed. Therefore, there are extensive social provisions for commercial goods traffic, which also contain regulations for driving times and rest periods. They ensure the safety of all traffic participants, because far too often drivers underestimate the risks related to fatigue at the wheel. Already a normal 17-hour day without sleep has the same effect as a 50 millilitres alcohol level. About 33 percent of all road accidents are caused by lack of sleep. Therefore, entrepreneurs should instruct their professional drivers regularly – ideally in both topics.

DEKRA Safety Web offers transport companies a flexible online-solution: Employees can finish all web based trainings regardless of time and place. Furthermore, a complete documentation creates legal certainty for employers. Drivers, in turn, benefit from a target group appropriate edited media mix, composed of pictures, interactions and films.

Flyer „Driving Times and Rest Periods
Flyer „Fatigue at the wheel