New: Mobile Learning with DEKRA

DEKRA is an easy way for learners to access location-dependent content with their smartphones.

Smartphone, Beacons © DEKRA Media GmbHLearning does not have to happen in a classroom or at a desk. Sometimes, information is needed right here and now, without delay and without much time for preparation. This is the opportunity for DEKRA, a learning and training system that offers location-dependent learning content. Learning content can be anything from texts and graphics to videos. For example, the system can be used to give information about possible dangers, hazards, security measures and policy changes. But of course, users can be given access to any and all content that is relevant for a specific location.

After installing the DEKRA app (available for Android and iOs), users can access the location-dependent content in two different ways. The user can scan the printed QR codes and then retrieve the information with his mobile device. Comparable with this is the use of beacons. These are small transmitters that send a signal to the user’s smartphone via bluethooth indicating that location-dependent content is available.

The Beacon Management System makes it possible to manage the content that is made available for the user via QR codes or beacons. At the same time, administrators can use the system to create new QR codes or beacons and make them accessible to different user groups. Last but not least, the system can show the administrator statistics about the retrieval of the content. A pilot project for the use of DEKRA in operational practice is due to start shortly.

Link explainer film: Learning at the point of danger

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