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Martin Paff, Senior Project Manager at DEKRA Media, about
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Software Solutions

Modern digital knowledge and learning environments cannot make do without the use of special software systems.

Softwarelösungen für digitale Lernmedien We have been developing software solutions for learning media and e-learning platforms for many years. Our programmers and media designers are experienced in conceiving and designing the most broad range of learning software applications, from apps for mobile end-user devices through to complete learning management systems.

The high quality and user-friendliness of our products are a result of experiences in developing and operating our own e-learning platforms and in authoring building blocks and modules for learning for various industries. We contributed this know-how to various development partnerships and research projects, to institutions of higher learning in the area of digital media, amongst others.

Our portfolio of software solutions is targeted primarily to institutions in the area of continuing education and small as well as mid-size companies. Our DEKRA QuickStart Programme offers easily operated and powerful tools for managing WBTs, face-to-face events and blended learning.

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Learning Management System

Today's educational landscape is inconceivable without the use of LMS. This because benefits for education providers and companies are many and varied:  Web-based learning platforms ensure that learning operations are less stressful, they provide control of the information flow and take care of numerous administrative tasks. We integrated the experiences we gathered in developing learning environments into our custom-designed learning management system.

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Training Management System

Our QuickStart Training Management System enables you to easily manage your seminars online. You can create seminars, customers can register online, book seminars and be informed of news. Here you manage and assign the necessary resources, such as use of trainers, rooms for instruction, instruction materials and hotel recommendations.

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Presentation Tool QuickStart Presenter

A presentation programme developed specifically by DEKRA Media that was conceived especially for face-to-face trainings where a beamer is used.

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